Twitter Space Tomorrow!

Hello everyone, I hope you all have been doing good and applying for as many scholarships as you can. It has been a while since i sent a newsletter. This is because of my PhD commitments so i hope you all understand.

However, I am super excited to share with you all some new developments. WE ARE ON TWITTERRRRRRRR! and i will be hosting the first twitter space tomorrow July 17 2022-Sunday at 9pm Japan Standard Time. The name of the space is Scholarship Sunday Service and i intend to do it weekly and bring brilliant scholarship grantees from all over the world to share with you tips on how to get funding for your studies abroad.

I have started collecting questions so if you tweet using the hashtag #sss1 I will be able to get your questions and put it to the amazing panel that will be there. You can also DM your questions to me on instagram.

I am super nervous so if you all can come by, I will really appreciate the support. This is the link. Click here. Do it now and set the reminder so Twitter alerts you what time it will be in your part of the world and remind you when it is time.

See you tomorrow

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