The ARES fully-funded Scholarship for international students (Step by Step Application guide)

This scholarship is for you if you are:

  1. A national of a developing country

  2. Hold a master's degree

  3. Have professional experience and you are looking to develop your skills in a development-related topic.

Scholarship Deadline: 15th January and 5 February 2021

To apply for the scholarship,

  1. Go to the official scholarship page here

The page should look like this:

2. Scroll down the page to *How to submit my application? tab.

The application is done online; through a system called GIRAF.

Focus on where it is written click here as seen in the picture. Click on it and it will take you to the official application page.

3. Create an account.

Put the email address you intend to use for your application and submit it. You will be taken to the User Registration page and the following information will be required of you

Put all the information required and your account will be created. It will take a couple of minutes or hours for your account to be validated. Once that is done, you will be sent a confirmation email. With that, you have an account and you can start your application process.

This is what your account will look like.

4. To start your application process, click on the COMPETITIVE CALLS tab.

You will also see the *Start Application for masters and training programs 2021/2022. Click on it and start your application process.

There are sections

  1. Your personal identifier information

  2. Course you are applying for

  3. Your personal information

  4. Your contact information

  5. Your secondary school studies information

  6. Your higher education studies information