The ARES fully funded scholarship for international Students in Belgium 2021 (An interview)

The ARES scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship provided by the Academie de Recherche d'Enseignement Superieur. It is fully funded and targets students interested in studying in Belgium at the Master's level. The Scholarship has 150 slots for Master's students and 70 slots for the training programs.

In this interview Steve Fonkou- an ARES scholarship grantee shares about the scholarship application process, the challenges he faced when he was applying and how he overcame the challenges.

Preparation Phase:

-All scholarships are based on your academic performance and you have to work hard for it.

-His scholarship requires professional experience so he got working experience while he was a student

-He was always prayerful since it is a competition

Application process:

-You apply directly to the scholarship

-Applications are done online

-There are two deadlines; for the internship or training and then the masters

-Those who have been pre-selected will be informed in March

His Video:

Challenges he faced:

-He realized that because he chose a program in which studies were to be done in French, he had to write the exaa in French (which he wasn't very ready for)

-Getting mentors and references was hard for him

-The application essay was also challenging to write

-Getting quality information about the program specifically was challenging

*You do not choose universities. The scholarship providers in Belgium chose and send you to various universities that they are in partnership

*You need to search the CV format for European universities and use it because other formats are not allowed.


-You need to prepare ahead of time especially for references and recommendations

-Have a working schedule and use it as you apply

-Have a second person read through your application to give you another perspective

-Challenge yourself and remember it is a competition.

*It is important to have a mentor who is specific to your field and ask questions

-The deadline is in February

-Find the exact program you are applying for

-Figure out how to write your essays

*Just 12 slots are available so you need to give it your best shot

*Be very prayerful

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