Step by Step Application Guide (Swedish Institute Scholarship for Global Professionals)

There are two steps in applying for the Global Professionals Scholarship;

  1. Apply to a master’s program

  2. Apply to the scholarship

Here, I will cover step 1 of the process and in the next post, I will cover step 2

APPLYING FOR A MASTER’S PROGRAM Timeline: 16th October 2020~15th January 2021

STEP 1: You have a choose the master’s program you wish to apply for. This is because the scholarship has “eligible programs”. At first sight, you may think, ‘what the heck, I want to apply for whatever I want to apply to’ but when you start looking through the list of eligible programs, you will get exhausted at how many they are and the variety they have. I think they have everything for everyone. It is like 600+ programs so you will find something that suits you. This is the list of eligible programs.

*Two things to pay attention to here; the name of the program you wish to apply to and the university that offers the program. You will see why this is important later

STEP 2: Once you have decided the program you wish to apply for, you can start your university application process. All university admissions in Sweden are done through a central processing system, The first interface you will find there looks like this

You see where it is written subject/course, the program you had chosen in step 1 above will now come in handy. Type the name of the program there. I will use Telecommunication Systems as an example

I typed in Telecommunication systems and as you can see, it already gives me options below but because I want to see everything, I will click on Find Courses (written on the right)

When I click on Find courses, it gives me many options. It shows me the Telecommunication Programs offered by ALL universities in Sweden. But as I explained in step 1, you don’t want all universities in Sweden because you had already chosen 1 university in step 1. So, you go in and edit. Put the name of the university you had chosen. Mine is Blekinge Institute of Technology.