StartUp Visa/Study Abroad for Free/Become A FinTech Analyst after graduation

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Am excited to share with you all our end-of-the-week schedule.

Just as I posted in the Youtube Community tab earlier (Join us if you haven't already), we ran into some issues uploading the Wednesday video because, after uploading, there was a copyright claim on the music used so I had to take it down and re-edit.

Anyhoo, ALL THE VIDEOS FOR THIS WEEK HAVE BEEN SCHEDULED ON THE CHANNEL. How nice is that? It's amazing and you all let me know if you want us to keep this up.


Title: STARTUP VISA (How to get it) Universities that guarantee it!

What do you do after graduating from a university in a foreign country? Your student visa will expire and if you don't have a plan on what to do, you may find yourself either living illegally or you may have to go back to your home country (which is fine if that is what you want to do). There are different visa categories but if you are entrepreneurial and want to be a startup founder, your process starts with the universities you chose.



Title: How to Study Abroad for free (Fully funded scholarships)



Title: International student to FinTech Industry analyst (How to get in) #Jobhunting

What do you do after graduating as an international student studying in Japan? Getting into the FinTech industry is an option and in this video, Paulo shares how he got from being an international student and got into the FinTech industry.

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