Scholarships for International Students and How To Apply For Them

Hello everyone, how are you all doing?

If you all haven't noticed, the name of the website has changed from *learn how to get a scholarship to *Study Abroad Prep. That is because we are expanding and will be creating more content to help you more in your study abroad journey. Henceforth the Youtube content will be divided into 4 playlists;

  1. Scholarships

  2. Study abroad news and opportunities

  3. Living abroad as an international student

  4. Post-graduation opportunities for international students

We wanted to know which of these playlists you will want us to create more content on so recently, we did a poll on the community tab on Youtube (Join us here if you haven't already and tell us what you want) asking. These are the results we got thus far;

59% VOTED more content about scholarships so here you are. NEW VIDEO ALERT

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