Scholarships For International Students

Hey guys, I have been struggling recently with how to structure reaching out and providing value to every one of you so I am very excited to bring “Scholarships for international students” on Youtube, the website (, and on Substack.

“Scholarships for international students” is inspired by a room I host on Clubhouse and on Instagram live daily at 6:30 AM Japan Standard Time called 1 Scholarship A Day. During the sessions, I pick a scholarship that I love and do a deep dive analyzing how to apply for it and why you should add it to your list of scholarships.

The scholarships I am excited about right now are:

  1. DAAD Scholarships for development-related postgraduate courses

  2. FINCAD Women in finance scholarships

  3. Global Korea scholarships

  4. Schwarzman scholarships

  5. KNB Scholarships

  6. MEXT scholarships

  7. World Bank scholarships

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Henceforth, I will do this weekly such that y’all can know the scholarships I am excited by and I want you to apply for them.

Follow me on Instagram such that you can join in the sessions and ask any questions you may have or just support me! Thank you

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