IOE-ISH Centenary Taught Master's Scholarships 4 international students at University College London


For 2022/23, IOE is offering Centenary Masters Scholarships for students who plan to work either in their home country or another, to improve the circumstances of disadvantaged, excluded or underachieving citizens.


Scholarships will cover full tuition fees and accommodation at International Students House for one academic year. Please note that these scholarships do not cover subsistence in London, travel, or any other costs.

The scholarships are tenable for one academic year, subject to satisfactory progress.

Your Process:

1. Watch the video (see how to apply)

2. click the scholarship link in the description box on Youtube.

3. Get your documents ready

4. Apply


How to apply:

Let me search for Scholarships for you.

My Process:

1. You submit your CV, transcripts & certificates

2. I do an analysis of your documents

3. I curate scholarships that you’ll be a good fit for

Remember, Yes there are many scholarships but not all are for you. Sign Up HERE

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