How TO (Quebec Merit) Step by Step Application Guide | Canada Scholarships 4 International Students

The Quebec Merit Scholarship targets international students seeking to study in Canada. Scholarships are available at three levels: vocational training, technical training, and university studies. In this post, I am going to show you how to apply for the Quebec Merit Scholarship for international students in 2021.

The image above shows the three different programs: University studies, Technical Training and Vocational Training. At the bottom part of each image, "HOW TO APPLY" information is provided. Based on the program you choose to apply to, your application procedure will be different. For the sake of this post, I will divide the application into three different categories (the three different program options in the Quebec Merit Scholarship)

Vocational Training Students

The vocational program seeks to;

-To support the internationalization of vocational training centers.

-To offer exceptionally talented international students the opportunity to come and undergo vocational training in Québec

-To enhance a steady offer and wide coverage of vocational training.

*Right now the deadline for this program has passed but keep an eye out for it because when the funds are made available, it will open back up for applicants.

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Technical Training College Students

There are two main routes to apply for this program: through public colleges in Quebec and through private colleges in Quebec.

When you click on the public colleges route, the first image above will come up and when you click through the private route, the second image will come up. Most of the deadlines for the private colleges have passed (start preparing now for next year) but those for the public colleges are still open.

The second image above shows you where you will begin your application to the various colleges. (You can check the video for detailed instructions if you feel lost anywhere along the lines. If you have any questions, put them in the comments section on Youtube and we can have a conversation there)

University Students

These are at the doctoral, post-doctoral, short-term, and professional development levels. When you click on the links in the 'How to Apply' section, the universities in the image below will come up.

Choose the university you want to apply for. Some are in French and others are in English. Click on any that interest you and apply for it.

The official link to the Quebec Merit Scholarship is HERE


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