How to get a fully funded scholarship (Fully funded scholarships for international students in 2021

There is an art and science to getting a fully-funded scholarship. Most of us spend time on the science of it (procedures and demands) forgetting that the art of it matters. The art of getting a fully-funded scholarship involves creativity, flexibility, and preparing ahead of time. This post is part 1 of a 5-part series in which I am going to teach you the art and science of getting a fully-funded scholarship.

Step 1. The Preparation phase

Getting a fully-funded scholarship doesn't start the day you apply for it. It starts the day you start preparing to apply for it. The preparation phase is as important as the application phase. If you wish to apply for a bachelor's scholarship, you start preparing the day you get into high school. If you wish to apply for a master's scholarship, you start preparing the day you get into your bachelor's program (and earlier) and if you wish to apply for a Ph.D. scholarship, you start preparing the day you get into your master's program (and earlier). This is because...YES! YOUR GRADES MATTER! regardless of the scholarship.

Understanding scholarship Sources

There are two main scholarship sources: primary sources and secondary sources.

Primary sources are the websites of the scholarship providers. They could be government, universities, corporations, and foundations websites. If you get information from these websites, you can start applying immediately (if you are eligible and have all your application documents handy).

Secondary sources are middlemen between the primary sources and the public. They are blogs, websites, social network sites, and all platforms that share information about scholarships available. If you find a scholarship on any of these websites that you are eligible for, you cannot apply for it on their platform. You need to use a link (usually provided) to go to the primary sources' website and there you can apply for it.

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Doing a self-assessment

It is important to look at the scholarship eligibility criteria for many scholarships and do a self-assessment to figure out how you match and what you lack. When you determine the things you don't have, you start working on them. This is why it is important to start early.

Use an application checklist

The documents required for any scholarship application are cumbersome. It is easy to miss something. That is why an application checklist will save you as you prepare your application file. It keeps you informed about any document that is lacking. That way you don't miss a deadline because your application file wasn't complete.

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