How to Clubhouse | How to join Clubhouse (Clubhouse tutorial) My 2021 Plan Setup

All you need to know about Clubhouse: the features, how to use it to your benefit, how to join etc. This is a complete crash course and clubhouse tutorial answering 50 questions on all you need to get you started.


Hope you all are doing well.

I am beginning the year with a vision board for the things I want to do this year.

My vision for 2021 is tied to a new social media app called Clubhouse. To provide some context, I made a crash course video about the app with 50 questions and answers about it.

One item on my vision board in 2021, is to start a club on Scholarships for International Students on Clubhouse.


The questions I answer in the video include:

  1. What Is Clubhouse App?

  2. Who are the founders of the app?

  3. Where is the company located?

  4. Who are the main investors?

  5. What is the company valuation?

  6. How do you invest in it?

  7. Is clubhouse for me?

  8. How do I join Clubhouse?

  9. What do I do if I don’t have anyone in my contacts who can wave me in or know anyone on the app who can invite me?

  10. After joining, how many people can I invite?

  11. Why is it invite-only?

  12. When is the app going to be open to the public?

  13. How do I send an invite?

  14. What equipment do you need in order to use Clubhouse?

  15. Can I join with an android phone?

  16. If I am an influencer on other SNS, can I bring my followers with me?

  17. What do I do after getting on the app?

  18. What kind of profile picture should I use?

  19. How do I make my bio?

  20. Can I link my websites and other things in my bio?

  21. How do I add my Instagram and Twitter accounts?

  22. Who do I follow?

  23. How do I connect with people in my niche?

  24. Can I search for anyone on there?

  25. How do I disconnect my Twitter and IG account?

  26. What are the rules of engagement?

  27. Are there other rules?

  28. What are the features on the clubhouse app?

  29. What is a hallway?

  30. What is a room?

  31. Who are moderators?

  32. What is the stage?

  33. Who are the audience?