I am so excited to bring you this

An A-list team. Unfortunately, I am taking just 10 students at each level. Reserve your spot TODAY! I will stop accepting applicants immediately after each list is full (10)


3 Workshops for 3 fully-funded BACHELOR Scholarships

1. Lester B Pearson Scholarships to Canada (January 2022 deadline)

2. The British Columbia Scholarships to Canada (December 2021 deadline)

3. Emily Boutmy Scholarships to France (February 2022 deadline)

3 Workshops for 3 fully-funded MASTERS Scholarships

1. Oxford Weidenfeld-Hoffman Scholarship and Leadership Program to the UK (January 2022 deadline)

2. Erik Bleumind Fund to the Netherlands (Decmber 2021 deadline)

3. Yechin Academy Scholarships to China (December 2021 deadline)

3 Workshops for 3 fully-funded Ph.D. Scholarships

1. Swiss government scholarships to Switzerland (Januray 2022 deadline)

2. Gates Cambridge scholarships to the UK (December 2021 deadline)

3. Peace studies scholarships to the USA (December 2021 deadline)

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