5 Fully-Funded Bachelors Scholarships for international students for 2022~2023

Almost every weekend on this website, I try to bring you fully funded scholarships.

That is because I am a product of fully-funded scholarships–they changed my life and I believe they can change yours too.

In case you missed it:

2 fully-funded scholarships for international students to Canada. Click HERE

2 fully-funded scholarships for international students to the USA. Click HERE

This week, we are going to focus on fully-funded scholarships for Bachelor students. This has been one of the most requested videos but finding fully-funded Bacehor scholarships are not easy so I hope this compilation goes a long way to help everyone.

Not all scholarships are for you. TRUE but if you are not eligible to apply for any of these scholarships, be a vessel–share it with a friend, a brother, a sister, an aunt, an uncle, someone in your local church, someone in your local community, or some kid you know that is very smart and deserves a scholarship.

Watch the breakdown

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