2022-2023 Université Paris-Saclay International Master’s Scholarships


The Université Paris-Saclay, through the IDEX scholarships, aims to promote access to its master’s (nationally-certified degree) programs to international students, taught in its member establishments, and to make it easier for highly-qualified foreign students to attend its University especially those wishing to develop an academic project through research up to the doctoral level.


The scholarship amount is €10,000 per year. It is paid by Université Paris-Saclay for the duration of the academic year, and for a period of no less than 10 consecutive months per year (September to June). A maximum of €1,000 for travel and visa expenses is also awarded depending on the candidate’s country of origin.

Your Process:

1. Watch the video (see how to apply)

2. click the scholarship link in the description box on Youtube.

3. Get your documents ready

4. Apply


How to apply:

Let me search for Scholarships for you.

My Process:

1. You submit your CV, transcripts & certificates

2. I do an analysis of your documents

3. I curate scholarships that you’ll be a good fit for

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