Fully Funded Organization for Women in Science Postgraduate Training Fellowships for Women from Dev


The general purpose of the fellowship programme is to contribute to the emergence of a new generation of women leaders in science and technology, and to promote their effective participation in the scientific and technological development of their countries.

The specific aims of the fellowship programme are:

  • To improve access to educational and training opportunities in science and technology for young and talented women graduates from STLCs.

  • To increase the scientific productivity and creativity of women scientists in STLCs.

  • To empower a new generation of talented women to assume a leadership role in science and technology.

  • To encourage women scientists to contribute to the sustainable development of their home countries.

  • To enable women scientist from the South to collaborate and network on a regional and international level.


The OWSD fellowship covers:

  • A monthly allowance to cover basic living expenses such as accommodation and meals while in the host country

  • A special allowance to attend international conferences during the period of the fellowship

  • A return ticket from the home country to the host institute for the agreed research period

  • Visa expenses

  • Annual medical insurance contribution

  • The opportunity to attend regional science communications workshops, on a competitive basis

  • Study fees (including tuition and registration fees) in agreement with the chosen host institute which is also expected to contribute

The OWSD fellowship does not cover:

  • Bench fees and consumables

  • Support for language training, either before or during the fellowship programme

  • Costs for personal computer or software purchase

  • Support for family members

  • Additional return tickets to the home country for personal reasons