Fully Funded Kyushu University Friendship Scholarship 2018


Under Kyushu University Friendship Scholarships Scheme (hereafter “Friendship Scholarship”), Kyushu University supports short-term students and Double Degree Program students from abroad who have less chance to apply for the scholarship supported by private foundations. By offering them a chance to study abroad at Kyushu University, the scheme also aims to motivate the short-term students to conduct their study as degree seeking students at Kyushu University in the future.


An applicant must meet all of the following eligibilities.

1 Students who are enrolled in non-Japanese universities.

2 Students who are talented in need of financial assistance.

3 Students who can be accepted by undergraduate school or graduate school of Kyushu University as Special Auditors, Special Research Students or Double Degree Program students.

4 Students who are considering to study as degree-seeking students at Kyushu University in the future. (Only for Special Auditors and Special Research Students)

5 Students who have been successfully accepted or are under the procedure of acceptance at Kyushu University as of the application for this scholarship.

6 Students who can pay the tuition fee in case they come from the universities which doesn’t have agreement of student exchange with Kyushu University.

7 Students who have applied for student exchange program in case they come from the universities which have the agreement of student exchange with Kyushu University. (In principle)

8 Students whose terms of study is more than 3 months and status of Visa is “College Students” in Japan


Approximately 5 students


(1) Scholarship

Both your period of enrollment at Kyushu University and the length of stay in Japan must be more than 16 days of the month concerned in order to receive a monthly stipend;

Monthly Stipend 80,000 JPY

Support Period;

1st Term: From April, 2018 to September, 2018 (Up to 6 months)

2nd Term: From October, 2018 to March, 2019 (Up to 6 months)

(2) Travel Expenses

Travel expenses up to the amount below will be covered (actual cost). The details are as follows;

Asia(*): Up to 50,000 JPY

Outside of Asia: 100,000 JPY

*The area designated by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

a) Round-trip economy air ticket via the most direct route between Fukuoka and the location of the recipient’s university. Air tickets and transportation fees in the recipient’s home country will not apply unless receipts and other proof of purchase are made.

b) Incidental Expenses only expenses incurred through visas, travel taxes, and airport taxes will be borne by Kyushu University. In the event that receipts and proof of payment are not submitted, these expenses will not be covered.


1st Term (Enrollment from From April, 2018 to September, 2018) Friday, February 2nd, 2018

2nd Term (Enrollment from October, 2018 to March, 2019) Thursday, May 31st, 2018