Postgraduate Students Scholarship at Hubei University of Technology in China


In order to act accordingly to the Belt and Road strategic initiative, to further strengthen educational and cultural communication between China, Hubei and the Belt and Road countries, attract more outstanding international students to join HBUT, accelerate the cultivation of talents with enthusiasm for Chinese culture, international perspective, competition and cooperation, HBUT has decided to set up the Belt and Road International Students Scholarship.


  • Students from the Belt and Road countries;

  • Above 18, below 35 years old;

  • Possessing formal academic credentials or academic degree, which is equivalent to Chinese undergraduate academic background (Bachelor's degree).

  • The applicants' undergraduate academic background should be Computer Science and Technology or related majors.

  • Sound mind and body without undesirable conduct records.


1. Coverage: the Belt and Road scholarship covers tuition, accommodation fee, enrollment fee, visa fee, basic textbook fee and comprehensive insurance fee.

2. Criteria: 25,000 Yuan per year.

  • Tuition: 19,000 Yuan per year.

  • Accommodation: 4000 Yuan per year.

  • Enrollment fee: 400 Yuan

  • Visa fee: 400 Yuan per year.

  • Basic Textbook fee: 600 Yuan.

  • Comprehensive insurance fee: 600 Yuan per year.

3. Sponsorship Time Limit: 2 academic years


Please submit the following materials when applying (the materials should be in Chinese or English)

1. The scanned picture of the photo page of your passport (If you are in China, you should also submit all scanned picture of your residence permit).

2. HBUT the Belt and Road International Students Scholarship Application Form.

3. The scanned picture of notarized credentials for academic backgrounds equivalent to Chinese undergraduate (Bachelor degree) academic background (prospective graduation written materials).

4. The scanned picture of the Bachelor degree and transcript.

5. The scanned pictures of recommendation letters from two professors.

6. The scanned picture of Foreign Physical Examination Form. The applicants should undergo the examination items respectively. The Foreign Physical Examination Form without completion, the applicant's photo, seal on the perforation, doctor and hospital's signature or seal will not be recognized. Because the Form only has a validity period of 6 months the applicants should submit the Form within the period of validity.

7. Submit 1 inch photo (with white or blue background)

8. Other materials, for example, certificate of reward, certificate of honor, scanned pictures of published papers.