University of Groningen PhD Scholarships for Foreign Students in the Netherlands


The University of Groningen (UG) offers scholarships to talented students who would like to pursue a PhD. In the UG PhD Scholarship Program, prospective PhD students are invited to write their own PhD research proposal in collaboration with an expert PhD supervisor of the University of Groningen with whom the students would like to work.


There are two types of scholarships within the program:

  • full scholarship: a grant of 1700 EUR net per month;

  • supplemental scholarship: students who have acquired a scholarship from a foreign government/foundation that is lower than 1700 EUR per month can get a supplemental monthly grant from the University of Groningen.


PhD scholarship students are selected on the basis of their CV and their own research proposal. The students are selected by the faculty Graduate Schools, which each have a fixed number of places to allocate. Each Graduate School applies its own procedures and deadlines to the recruitment process. General information about the recruitment, including selection procedure and links to the faculties’ own recruitment pages, can be found at