Japan Association of University Women INTERNATIONAL FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM 2018


Japanese Association of University Women (JAUW) established in 1946, is a member of IFUW; the world’s leading organization for women. JAUW's missions are: to improve the status of women and girls, to promote life-long education to enable women graduates to use their expertise to effect change

JAUW is committed to: improving higher education for women, promoting gender equality in the society, advocating world peace and international understanding


The program will allow maximum of 2 recipients, each winning between Yen500,000 and up to Yen1,000,000 to support transportation to and from Japan and cost for her stay in Japan.


  1. Applicants must be of non-Japanese women in the age below 45.

  2. Applicants must live outside Japan at the time of application.

  3. Applicants must hold a Master’s Degree or above.

  4. Applicants need to identify an institution/university in Japan where to conduct research.

They need to have contacted and obtained a consent from a host at the identified

institution/university before application.

  1. Applicants have to answer the financial aid questionnaire (in Application Form Part 1), related to

other fellowship applications.

  1. Applicants have to give a brief account of the use of this fellowship (e.g.: tuition including entrance

fee, if any, and transportation expenses).

  1. Applicants should understand that the program cannot be extended in all events.


  1. 1 5 copies of Application Form Part 1 (Personal Data)

  2. 2 5 copies of Application Form Part 2 (Proposal & Related Data)

  3. 3 Recommendation.letters (⇒see No.6 of Application Form Part 1) from three different individuals. Each

letter should be signed by the writer and enclosed in a sealed and signed envelope.

  1. 4 A letter of acceptance/confirmation/ invitation (referred to as a letter of Acceptance), written by your host

supervisor or collaborator of your study/research in Japan. The original letter of Acceptance is required. No pdf file is accepted.

  1. 5 A medical certificate of health issued by a qualified medical doctor stating in English that you are healthy enough to conduct your study in Japan for the proposed period.

  2. 6 A photo, 3.5 cm X 4.5 cm, of yourself to be put on one of the Application Form Part 1.