Rotary Yoneyama Scholarships for International Students in Japan 2018


Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation provides privately sponsored scholarships to foreign students pursuing academic studies and/or research in Japan. The scholarship funds come from contributions made by all the Rotarians in Japan.The scholarship supports excellent students from other countries who are studying or doing research at Japanese institutions of higher learning and who will go on to play active roles in both their own countries and international society.During their stays in Japan, Yoneyama Scholars experience firsthand Japanese culture and customs, enabling them to form bridges between their countries and Japan. Through their interactions with rotary club members, it is hoped that the Scholars will cultivate within themselves a strong spirit of societal participation. In the future, they will be expected to make their own contributions to cultivating and sustaining world peace and harmony, an ideal embraced by all Rotarians.In selecting Yoneyama Scholars, emphasis is placed on three attributes: (1) academic performance, (2) intercultural understanding, and (3) communication ability.

Rotary Yoneyama Scholarship for applicant residing abroad is for over all in a Japanese university / graduate school. All condition of requirement for Japanese ability level differs depending on the ability of the Rotary International District And those who enroll in undergraduates are requested to submit a Applicants ' targeted universities / graduate schools are located. Applicants have graduate schools are located. Copy of the application for admission for the university / graduated school.Those who enroll in graduate schools are requested to submit a recommendation letter from a supervisor / professor of the applicants' targeted graduate school.

Study Subjects

Scholarships are awarded in all disciplines.

Eligibility Requirements

1.Japanese nationals are not eligible to apply.

2.Yoneyama Scholarships are not granted to individuals who simultaneously possess a scholarship, grant or similar subsidy from another organization. If offered another subsidy, the applicant must choose which to accept. If this rule is infringed, the Scholar will be required to reimburse the Foundation for the duplicated amount of funding and his/her Scholarship may be terminated. The following cases are exceptions: An incentive subsidy granted to foreign students by the regional government, a one-time award such as a scholastic prize, and tuition exemption or reduction.

3. Those who have been granted a Yoneyama Scholarship in the past are not eligible to apply for another one.

Scholarship Award

  • For April enrollment: Scholarship payment begins in April 2017 or For fall enrollment: Scholarship payment begins in October (or September) 2017

  • Undergraduates 100,000 yen per month

  • Master’s students 140,000 yen per month

  • Doctoral students 140,000 yen per month